Stay one step ahead

Utilizing cyber intelligence to detect vulnerabilities and breaches that prevent large-scale cyber attacks.

Sources of intelligence


Pages on the darknet and multiple active sites running on the TOR network


Cybercrime forums, closed forums and marketplaces on both the clearnet and the darknet


Groups and channels on Telegram, Discord and other instant messaging platforms

Our Mission

Invincible Firm


We are on a mission to make organizations invincible to cyber attacks. Dealing with the ever-evolving methods of cyber attacks can be tiring for both employees and managers. With our help, we intend to make organizations both properly defended against cyber attacks and prepared to respond to an incident if one were to occur. 

Our services

Cyber Risk Management

Assessing and defining your exposure to cyber risk to improve security posture

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Monitoring the darknet for any mentions of your organization, understanding adversaries, and staying one step ahead

Security Awareness Training

Lack of human risk management is the leading cause of cybersecurity incidents across all organizations. Educating employees and keeping them aware of cyber threats is the solution

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